My Empty Belly

Part of exhibition Lapped Seams & Silver Linings at Standpoint Gallery and Penumbral Zone at Gallery 46, London 2022.

Materials: Metal, Dried Flowers, Green Casting Wax, Wax Thread, Microscopic Photographs

Dimensions: Variable

Responding to the themes of pricking, stitching, and venting, “My Empty Belly” was conceived during Denise De Cordoba and Kate Davis's alliance Prick & Stitch. This collaborative project took the form of a two-week residency at Standpoint Gallery that included workshops, discussions, and collective making culminating in an exhibition.

I decided to develop it further and present a more formed version of this work at Gallery 46. I employ a versatile approach according to each medium’s expressive exigencies, taking into consideration the simplicity and the symbolism of the ellipsis as well as embracing the humble qualities of clay and the sculptural essence of a photograph. My carefully selected materials subtly evoke the fragility and absence of human life. As if every piece of work acts as an effort of healing, a tender act of repair.