RCA Graduation Show, London 2022

Materials: Ceramics, Unfired Clay, Green Wax, Papier-mâché, Dried Mimosas, Microscopic Photograph

Dimensions: Variable

How can artists envision new forms of living? Humans as animals, humans as minerals, humans as ghosts; what boundaries does the human form offer or impose? These are some of the questions that I am currently trying to unravel in my practice.

My research has been focusing on the body, the materiality of emptiness and its potential energy as well as understanding conditions of rupture, and survival. My current work is situated between Greek myths and tragedies, rituals, and healing. I am drawn to light, modest, and domestic materials such as clay and papier mâché and their associations with notions of repair, the body and labour; while at the same time looking forward toward the creative potential that might give dysfunctional or discarded remains new life.